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Bespoke Care in Your Own Home

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Most of our services can be paid for by your Local Authority, ask us for details

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Homecare can suit you if you need:


•personal care, such as washing or dressing

•housekeeping or domestic work, such as vacuuming

•cooking or preparing meals

•nursing and health care



Homecare can be very flexible, in order to meet your needs, and the where ever possible the same person will be able to provide some or all of these options for the duration of your care.

Our care staff has your wellbeing and dignity in hand when delivering your personal centred care in the comfort of your own home. When providing home care for the elderly we take the time to get to know you and make sure that you are happy with the care you receive and the staff that are supporting you.


If you’re a couple, our care allows you to remain together and continue to live with no extra stresses of being apart. Our care is flexible from companionship through to 24 hour live in complex care. Our staff are highly trained and committed to making you feel as happy and comfortable as possible


You may prefer not to live in residential care, but find it difficult to cope at home. But you may, with help, be able to live independently in the community.  


Services that support independent living are made up of suitable or adapted accommodation – which can be your own home – and some forms of personal care.


Staff will usually visit the home to provide motivation, and carry out simple tasks such as shopping, housework, and provide help with administrative tasks or personal care, if required.


I love having Access Dignity invloved, they take me shopping, and then help me to put it all away. Then they do a little housework before we have a nice cup of tea and a chat...